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#7 - Little Gypsy's Fine Jewelry, Gifts & Gallery 

Little Gypsy's fine Jewelry, Gifts & Gallery opened its doors in January 2015, and is now home to over 50 local BC Artists. Owner/Artisan Lydia Podobnik has put together a truly diverse group of artists including jewelers, painters, wood and stone carvers and more, including painter/photographer Colleen Bessel, visual artists Chris Cole, Cindy Trevitt, Eunkyo Kim, carvers Mike Stewart and Jim Johnson, and 32 jewelry artists including Terri Giuletti, Sarah Kyle, Rubina Mangat, First Nations carvers Charles Harper, Nancy Dawson, Don Lancaster and many more! From minimalist to big and bold, each artist brings a unique home grown flavor to this tiny heritage house gallery!

Address: 49 Queens Street, Port Moody 


Instagram: @little_gypsys

Facebook: @LittleGypsysFineJewelry

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Lydia Podobnik

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