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#9 - Gabi & Jules

Gabi & Jules is a family-run all-butter bakery in Port Moody. Specializing in handmade pies and other baked goodness, Gabi & Jules is also a proud inclusive employer. The bakery was named after the owner’s two daughters, Gabriela and Juliana. Their eldest daughter Juliana has autism and this was the initial motivation behind creating an accessible workplace when the bakery opened in 2016. Since then, Gabi & Jules has been able to provide employment for many individuals with diverse abilities and last year over 35% of the team self-identified as having a disability.



Crafting Community: Art & Inclusion

Gabi & Jules, in partnership with Kinsight, will be hosting a stop on the Shuffle highlighting the beauty of creating an inclusive community. We will have the work of local artist, and Gabi & Jules team member, Alex Lecce on display. Alex’s art includes sketches, paintings, wood carvings and clay sculptures. Alex will be conducting some demonstrations throughout the evening and we will be engaging the community to help us craft a couple of interactive art projects for the whole family to participate in.

Address: 2302B Clarke Street, Port Moody


Instagram: @gabiandjules

Facebook: gabiandjulespies


Exhibiting Artist

Alex Lecci

“Hello my name is Alex, I am a self-taught artist. I am 28 years old and I live in an apartment with my brother in Port Coquitlam. I work at Gabi & Jules bakery as a baker’s assistant. I love my job decorating cookies and other tasks. I use my artistic skills and strengths at Gabi & Jules as a baker’s assistant.

I started my journey as an artist when I was in kindergarten. My Mum encouraged me to pursue art. I love art. I do clay modelling, acrylic painting on canvas, wooden sculptures, pencil sketching and drawing in my art studio at home. I feel happy and proud when I’m doing my art.

I get ideas from books, TV shows and the internet. I like to clay sculpt animals and figures from my childhood, memories from my childhood.

My goals as an artist: I want to become a famous artist, I named myself master of the arts Alex.”

Medium: clay modelling, acrylic painting on canvas, wooden sculptures, pencil sketching and drawing



Instagram: @masteroftheartsalex

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