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#10 - Grit Studio

Grit Studio is a cafe + gallery housed in a heritage building on Clarke Street in Port Moody.  It envisions the space to be a creative hub for artists, creatives and like-minded people and hopes to connect the community through the arts. 

During the Shuffle, we'll be hosting the Grit Street Market Artists listed below.

Address: Studio 1: 2419 Clarke Street, Port Moody

Address: Studio 2: 2415 Clarke Street, Port Moody 


Instagram: @live.grit

Facebook: @gritcafeportmoody


Bong Salaveria

Grit Street Market

Emily Gaythorpe        
Emilie Caron           
Courtney Caroline      
Diana Strizhkova        
Harmonie Garry          
Nicole Chiang          
Lida Nosrati            
Sam Kellet             
Peter Knight            

Richard Vath            
Narges Izadi            
Aroshaliny Godfrey       

Yuan Wen               
Megan England            
Cassie Sakowicz          
Emily D' Souza            
Diane Swartzberg         
Samantha Sobolewski       
Dabria Gosse              
Robert Huynh            

Kate Walkley            
Steph Ford              
Ana Toumine            
Charlie Sanderman       
Allison Chow            

Flavia Chan              

Linda Smith

Adele Tremblay           
Aver Elias                
Aaniya Asrani            
Tamsen Ogden            
Sejin Kang                
Glenda Kukulowicz
Nancy Carol                  
Ines Belaunde            
Lily's Pottery
Violet Patrich 

River Rozon           

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