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#18 - Outpost

We have coffee for your morning commute but we’re not a coffee shop. We have beer for your weekend hangouts but we’re not a brewery. Call us a community space. We are Outpost. Pop in and say hello.

Visitors will be able to purchase coffee, alcoholic drinks and food during the Shuffle.

Address: 3001 Saint Johns Street, Port Moody 



Facebook: @outpostportmoody

Outpost Exterior_edited.jpg

Exhibiting Artist

Dana Mooney

Dana Mooney is an artist (painter) based in Port Moody, Canada. Her work ranges from fine art paintings, to murals, custom work and brand collaborations. With a background of makeup artistry and interior decorating, she is always evolving her practice and moving towards her next exciting project.

Dana's goal with her artwork is to create something beautiful and personal for the target audience or client and the space in which the artwork resides, combining elements of fine art and interior design to seamlessly integrate fresh, original, and dynamic artwork into a space. She has participated in public art projects, and collaborated on many pieces and products for brands and individuals.

Dana’s work has been commissioned by countless homeowners, interior designers, and companies including Jergens Body Lotion, Saje Natural Wellness, the City of Vancouver public art, Curated Walls Wallpaper, Princeton Brushes, Endeavour Neon and more.

“Dana Mooney is an expressive painter with a background in interior design. Her artwork is designed to easily fit into the home and designed space. Her collectors find solstice in her work, allowing them a place to pause, and a way to bring lightness into their spaces.

Through her expressive and impulsive painting process, Dana finds an escape from her personal struggle with depression. Having grown up in the lower mainland, close to the ocean and forest, she is influenced by her natural surroundings in her colour choices and the work’s tempo.
Dana's artwork ranges from fine art and custom murals to home decor and design, and brand collaborations.

Medium: Painting


Instagram: @danamooneyart

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