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#24 - Straight Up Studio

In 2008, artist Clive Tucker opened Straight Up Studio. Clive believes in a playful, yet poignant approach to art. He is very focused on keeping elements of play and whimsy in his work with a light sprinkling of irony. 
After years of completing two science degrees, Tucker found himself slaving in a mill job in England. Disillusioned, he cast the job aside, and fled to Scotland. Apprenticing with Lotte Glob at The Far North Pottery, he learned the art of throwing and dreamed of becoming an artist. He immigrated to Canada in '94, and moved to Vancouver in '98 to attend Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. Upon completion, Clive was invited to be Artist in Residence at the Port Moody Art Centre.

Address: 2605 Murray Street, Port Moody 


Instagram: @clivetuckerceramics

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