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#15 - The Stitchery Studio

When The Stitchery shop and studio opened in 2017, their mission was to make modern, quality fabrics and knowledge accessible to everyone. It was a step further in a longer journey of creatively encouraging others.

Owner Jill's philosophy is simple; "Making is important. It uplifts us, it heals us, it brings joy and satisfaction in the work of our hands. Wearing your own me-made garments or showing off a me-made quilt is that feeling of satisfaction realized. What started as a dream for one person has become a community of many."


Art Shuffle Activities

For the Art Shuffle, The Stitchery will have textile arts on display, plus they are bringing back the ever popular Quilt Challenge exhibition. The 2024 theme is “What does West Coast mean to you? Vote for your favourite quilts and watch the demonstrations. 

Textile artist and quilter Kitka Neyedli will join them for this event. Kitka Neyedli teaches at The Stitchery. She is a Port Moody stitcher and quilter. She loves how sewing can be mindful, mindless and meditative and is eager to share these joys with her students. A member of a local modern quilt guild, Kitka’s skills range from quilting and hand stitching to sewing home decor and clothing. Students appreciate her depth of knowledge and focus on technique.

Address: 80 Mary Street, Port Moody


Instagram: @stitcherybc

Facebook: @stitcherybc

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