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#8 - Vivio Flower Gallery

Vivio Flowers is a family-owned and operated flower gallery located in the heart of Port Moody. Since 2004, Vivio Flowers has been providing the Vancouver area with captivating and bespoke floral creations. With a team of creatives from around the world, we draw on both global and local influences while we thoughtfully create our handmade floral arrangements.

Address: 2333 Clarke Street, Port Moody 


Instagram: @vivioflowers

Facebook: @vivioflowers

Vivio pink.jpg

Patricia Navarro

Patricia Navarro, the owner, artistic director and head designer at Vivio Flower Gallery in Port Moody and Vivio Flower Atelier in Coal Harbour, has a passion for multiculturalism and art. Inspired by textures, cultures and the raw beauty of nature, Patricia creates installations for events both large and small that are lush, and contemporary with a romantic feeling. She is a creator and innovator in botanical arts and her work has shown in exhibitions at Port Moody Art Centre and Fleurs de Villes exhibits, as well as event installations, photo shoots, and movies.

Medium: Botanical Arts

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