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Patricia Ballard


Patricia Ballard was born in Worcestshire first daughter of an engineering design draughtsman, she moved to North Wales at the age of ten and was educated at Caernarfon Grammar School. With no formal training she began her painting career by producing mainly abstracts, always through the medium of oil and notably geometric in style.

During the following years she then produced a great number of Welsh and Italian landscapes illustrating in particular Venetian Architecture and by now also using watercolours. Several exhibitions have resulted in many of these paintings being purchased for private collections in the UK., Australia and the U.S.A. When she visited the Penmaenbach Tunnel while under construction her career took on a whole new perspective, allowing her to combine the earlier style of work using technical drawing with landscape.

Her first commission in the world of Civil Engineering was to paint the East Portal at Penmaenbach near completion and the West Portal for presentation at the tunnel opening. She then went on to produce a series of paintings recording the construction of the Immersed Tube Tunnel at Conwy for the Consulting Engineers, the Pen-y-Clip tunnel and various other important projects. She worked extensively in Denmark recording the construction of the West Bridge which forms part of the European Storebaelt project. A number of these works have been reproduced as signed Lithographic prints with several having been presented at opening ceremonies.

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