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#20 - Spring Street Studios 2

In 2019, PCI made changes to two of their industrial buildings, just steps away from skytrain. Their goal was to accommodate a community of local artists in 16 studios. Thanks to significant subsidies from PCI, the Spring Street Artist Studios have become an arts hub in the City of the Arts.

Address: 3008 Spring Street, Port Moody 

Spring Street Studios.png

Exhibiting Artists

Anna Luth

Anna Luth (she/her) is an emerging curator, interdisciplinary artist and musician who holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts with a minor in Curatorial Practices from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vancouver. She is the assistant curator at Art Gallery at Evergreen, Coquitlam where she supports numerous exhibitions featuring local and national artists and co-facilitates the Emerging Creators Incubator. In addition to her curatorial work, Luth can be found creating sculptural ceramics, painting and writing and performing music. Luth gratefully lives on the unceded ancestral and traditional lands of the Qayqayt Nation and Coast Salish peoples, colonially known as New Westminster, BC.

“I am inspired by poetic encounters with architecture, ephemera and the web of relationships that connect us all. My practice involves many materials, but I continuously turn to clay because of the way it is persuaded by touch and records gestures. Fragile clay and durable ceramic incite hyper-awareness in the body, and I am drawn to encounters which resonate with psychological and/or spiritual sensibility. The tension of permanence and impermanence motivates me as I create labour-intensive work that might be as fleeting as a performance. My process is intuitive, balancing chance and control and personal narratives to create inconsistencies that elude landing in one place.”

Medium: Ceramics and Other


Instagram: @anna.luth

Christy Dunsmore

Over the years, I have tried to honour that left brain / right brain duality gifted to me via the gene pool. My first studies at university were in microbiology. Then I returned to do a degree in Fine Arts, focusing on drawing and printmaking as well as Asian Art studies. I studied with several artists after graduating, developing my skills in collage and mixed media, endeavouring to be less worried about perfection in favour of expression and story. I returned again to university to study all kinds of creative writing. In between all that going to school, I worked in the worlds of advertising and architecture.


My career has included extensive work as an art instructor, illustrator, copywriter, researcher, editor, construction manager and administrator. No matter what I’m doing, my goal has always been to encourage others to find what’s important to them, to help them find their story within.

"Humans are blessed with the ability to tell stories. Some of us use words. Some of us use dance or music or photography. Some of us use drawing, painting and collage. Regardless of the medium you choose, tell your stories. The world is waiting. Creativity ... it's good for you!"

Medium: Drawing, painting, mixed media

Instagram: @christydunsmorecreative


Bohart is creating a dynamic place of artistic, social and cultural activity in Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada. Bohart brings people together around the arts of today through a curated program of exhibitions, performances, conversations, screenings, and publications that illuminate the places where creative disciplines intersect and interact, and inform each other.


Starting with small steps but starting with big intentions. Bohart’s forward-looking long-term plans include the creation of a purpose-built forward-thinking multi-arts facility. Once built, this building will feature exceptional artistic, cultural and social spaces that will provide exceptional places for audiences and artists to meet.

"ALL CONTEMPORARY, ALL THE TIME, EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK! Old things, new things, used things, blue things are all things we can only see through the eyes of the contemporary. Hundreds of things seen in hundreds of places by (less than) hundreds of people at hundreds of different moments in time flow across Bohart’s windows. The collection is like a day, as rhythmic as random. Look. LOOK"

Medium: Various



Instagram: @bohart


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